Q: Can I join the club if I have never run before?
A: Yes! We have a 5k training for people who are just getting started. This is a true beginner program with no running experience required.

Q: Can I join the club if I don’t live in Cypress?
A: Yes! We welcome members from all neighborhoods and have runners in our club from several different Houston zip codes.

Q: Is registering with the club the same as signing up for a training plan?
A:  Members of Cypress Running Club are not required to commit to a specific training plan when registering. Members are given access to all the training plans and can choose to train for as many, or as few, races as they wish.

Q: If I register with Cypress Running Club will I get a discount when I sign up for a race?
A: CRC has a good relationship with several local race directors who provide exclusive discount codes for members. These codes are distributed via email directly to members, and non-CRC-specific registration discount codes are sometimes shared by individuals in our member’s only Facebook group.

Q: When will I get my awesome goodie bag?
A: Goodie bag pick up for the upcoming season will be announced soon by email or social media. This will be the ONLY opportunity to pick up your goodie bag, so if you are not able to make it to either pick-up event, please arrange for someone to pick up your goodies for you.  If you register after this date, you will receive details on how/when to pick up your bag, though some goodies are only available in limited supply and may not be available for those registering later.



Q: Where do you run?
A: Cypress Running Club is based out of Coles Crossing and many of our runs originate from the parking lot of the Sampson Elementary School.

Q: When do you run?
A:  Saturday mornings are typically when members have time to do their long runs. The start times vary so that everyone ends up back at the school around the same time to re-hydrate and stretch and socialize. Details with specific times, workouts, distances and routes are posted as events in our member’s only Facebook group a couple days in advance.

Q: My kid has swim team/soccer/baseball on Saturday mornings; do you ever schedule Sunday runs?
A:  Saturday morning runs are organized by the club and supported with hydration, etc. but if your family schedule dictates a long run on Sunday go ahead and share your desired distance/start time/pace in our Facebook group to look for some company on your run.

Q: I run really slow. Will I have someone to run with?
A: Yes. We have runners in our club of all abilities. You will definitely not run alone.

Q: I run really fast. Will I have someone to run with?
A: Yes. There are some pretty fast runners in our club. Bring it.

Q: Why do you guys start your morning runs SO early??
A: Well, there are a couple reasons for this mild insanity. First, this is Cypress, TX and once the sun comes up things get HOT. We start the morning distance runs super early with the intention to be finished by sunrise, or shortly thereafter. For the early weekday runs, in addition to being hot, we understand that many folks have family and work obligations so we aim to have the workout completed in time to return home and address other daily commitments.