Coaches Desk – The Week Ahead – 7/28-8/3

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Milestone Training Plan

Weeks to go: 20

You are in the most important part of the program: Base Building.  By following up the weekly runs at CP, you will be developing your muscles and cardiovascular system.  It is extremely important that you have patience on this part of the training. Your cardiovascular system will adapt faster than your muscles, you will feel better and more energetic within a couple of weeks. Your muscles, on the other hand, will take longer to adapt.  Do not increase mileage beyond what we have in the program, as doing so will increase your risk of injury.  You will see the Advanced Training group running much more mileage, but keep in mind, that group started 4 weeks earlier and its members were already running 30 miles per week when the program started.

You have 20 weeks to go!! Run at conversation pace (CP) and chat with other runners, enjoy the social aspect of CRC runs!!

Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Weeks to go: 20

This week we introduce Fartlek on Tuesday workout as we progress on our speed work ramp-up. As the training plan indicates, do a 15-minute warmup at CP and then start the interval run. The speed section of a Fartlek should not be an all-out effort, but have a goal of reaching your 2K to 5K race pace. Depending how you feel, during the slow minute adjust your speed staying between conversation and marathon pace.

As a reminder, the program you are following does not shift from one focus to the next one, but instead is a buildup. Provided you have time, do some running form exercises before doing Fartlek, as this will allow you to keep strengthening the muscles that give you stability.

Have a great week!!!

Your coaches

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Coaches Desk – The Week Ahead – 7/21-7/27

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Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Weeks to go: 21

We keep focusing on building our base (see below stability exercises that are great to complement this part of the program!). For those of you that are just starting the program, “CP” means conversation pace. It is critical that you build endurance first without risking injuries, we are 22 weeks from BCS marathon, so we are not in a hurry for speed.

If you have already been doing speedwork, try to focus on it from a “variety & fun” point if view. Also remember, Houston heat will take a toll on your recovery. Contrary to what people believe, speed work has a higher risk of creating a heat stroke than a 2 hour long run at CP.

On our Tuesday workout, we keep working on Strides and Form Drills. The two of them go well together, as form will typically improve with speed (heel striking is less prevalent when trying to run fast).
You should plan for the following:

  • Do 45 minutes of CP.  Use this opportunity to count your cadence.  Count the strides are you taking in 10 seconds and then multiply by 6
  • Next, look for a 100 meters / yard straight path or track and perform a set of running drills (next 4 steps).
  • Run the full length of the 100 meters, increasing speed progressively.
  • You should reach your top speed the last third of the length
  • As you increase speed focus on your form ( arms position, looking ahead instead of down, mid to front foot stride, cadence)
  • Do another drill and repeat


As you do your easy runs and long runs, does your cadence increase? This will usually require shortening your stride, try to experiment early on during the season so you get your new running form ready for the marathon.


You can find a number of good drills in the following youtube video:


Stability exercises:

Having a proper running form requires strengthening the muscles that provide stability during your run.
Look that the following video where Sally McRae (Ultramarathon runner) introduces
the Single-Leg Squat ‘n’ Reach Exercise
You can find another series of excellent exercises to do on your easy running days at Myrtl Routine


Milestone Training Plan

Not Started

Just because the plan has not started does not mean that you cannot run with us!!!!
Join us for Tuesday workout at the Track.  Andy and Teresa will keep you busy!!!

If you cannot join us at the track, then try to run twice a week 30-45 min CP!! and try to work on your stability muscles, this will get you ready for a more efficient running season:

Look that the following video where Sally McRae (Ultramarathon runner) introduces the Single-Leg Squat ‘n’ Reach Exercise
You can find another series of excellent exercises to do on your easy running days at Myrtl Routine

Have a great week!!!

Your coaches

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GET READY…Registration set to begin

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The moment we have all been waiting for is almost here!  The 2014-15 season is ready to kick off with a BANG!! Click here to register for the best running club around! 

2014-2015 Season Details
Dates: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015
Cost: $65 registration fee 
Races: Cypress Running Club will provide training plans to prepare members for races in fall, winter and spring. Details will be provided on the Training Plans & Races page. Members are not limited to a fixed number of training plans or races during the season.

Member Benefits:

  • Awesome goodie bag including Cypress Running Club logo tech shirt, safety blinkie lights for early morning runs, and many more surprises!
  • 10% discount at Fleet Feet Sports
  • Race support – organized carpools (including a chartered bus to B/CS races in December!) cheer stations, and post-race gatherings
  • Saturday morning seminars
  • Free running form and technique clinics
  • Hydration support on Saturdays during the training season
  • Discount registration codes for some local races
  • Training plans designed by certified coaches
  • Access to experienced running advice and mentorship
  • Social events throughout the year – some family-friendly, some adult-only
  • Membership with Road Runners Club of America
  • Great running with a fun group of people who share a passion for the sport
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Saturday routes have been updated

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In conjunction with the new Saturday start/end location at Sampson Elementary School, we have updated all of the routes accordingly.  Please check the Routes page on the Training menu for links to all of the new Saturday routes.  In addition, links to these routes will be posted on the weekly event posted on Facebook.

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VERY IMPORTANT!! Saturday long runs have been moved.

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Due to the mind-blowing growth of CRC, combined with the many other activities going on at Coles Crossing Community Center on Saturday mornings, we have decided to move the start/finish location of CRC-scheduled Saturday long runs to a new location.  Beginning on July 5th, Saturday morning runs will begin and end at Sampson Elementary School (16002 Coles Crossing Drive, Cypress, TX 77429).  The new location has more available parking, as well as plenty of bike racks.  Please use extra care when driving the streets around the school, as there will be lots of your fellow CRC mates beginning/ending their Saturday runs.



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CRC Annual Meeting – May 27th

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Come join current and prospective members on Tuesday May 27 to learn more about all of the excitement in store for the upcoming season! In addition to discussion club finances, meeting sponsors and our annual election, we will be revealing the new shirt color for 2014-2015. We will be meeting at Kilburn’s (290 & Barker Cypress) at 7:30pm.

**5/28 update – for those unable to attend, click to view the presentation that was shared during the meeting!**

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Ladies Night at Esprit de She

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For the second year in a row, the ladies of CRC turned out for an evening of champagne, shopping, massages and, of course a happy hour 5K/10K run! It was a warm and sticky race, not ideal for PR’s but Lydia succeeded in turning in a 10K time good enough to register early for Chevron thanks to Bridget’s willingness to pace her to achieve that goal.

esprit de she

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