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Grab Your Calendar - CRC Annual Meeting

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So our official 2016-2017 season is done, but the fun isn't over!  Can't wait until next season?  Next season OFFICIALLY starts July 1st, but our kickoff meeting is in just a few weeks!  

Please join the club in celebrating a successful 2016-2017 season and learning everything we have planned for the next year (including a sneak peak at the SHIRTS AND GEAR)!  We will also have old gear to give away.

11 Below Brewery will host the meeting at their brewery with Jimmy Johns providing food. It will be free to all registered members and their significant others ($10 for non-members). 

Plan on attending?  Please click HERE to sign up!

The party starts at 3pm on Sunday, May 21st!

Find it here: Map

11 Below Brewery
6820 Bourgeois Rd.
Houston, TX 77066

Congrats to the new RRCA Certified Coaches!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our RRCA Coaching Course!

Congrats to everyone who completed the course last week, but especially to our very own CRC coaches below!
  • Johanna Abad
  • Tim Collier 
  • Adrian Conejo 
  • Bonnie Egbert
  • Jeneen Garr 
  • Letty Joyce 
  • Jennifer Laughlin
  • TC Lozano 
  • Cherie Lynch
  • Rick Posada 
  • Andrew Robia 
  • Steve Sutphen
Summer Cross-Training - Sponsor Offer!

Summer is an EXCELLENT time to cross train.  With temperatures approaching well over that of the surface of the sun and humidity levels one step below swimming, it's nice to change it up but keep up your strength!

Our very own sponsor ROSE JACKSON of Twisted Rose Yoga is offering a discount to members motivated to troubleshoot their running form between now and May 19th!

This is a great opportunity for those who suffer from from sore knees, tight hamstrings and hips, or back ache during training to strengthen up!

She is offering 4 sessions for just $99!  All sessions have to be completed by May 19. 

Message or contact Rose directly to take advantage of this offer!
(832) 865-8970

Summer Runnin'

Whether it's your first summer with CRC or your 5th, here are a few things to remember now that season is over:

Run Schedules
As the training plans wind down, our normal organized crowds on Saturday won't be as big, so check our events tab and the Facebook feed to see which coaches have organized runs.

If you don't see something organized, it's easy to find a running buddy!  Just post your distance goal, pace, when and where you're aiming to meet and make a plan!  

Please make sure to keep all your normal standards of safety in mind when you do so!  Though we typically have a good crowd on Saturday mornings, make sure to park somewhere well-lit or well populated!

Hydration & Running in the Heat
In case you haven't noticed, we happen to reside in the "hot enough to fry an egg in mid air" portion of the US. 

For those of you new to training in the summer OR those of you who somehow blocked out what it was like to train in the summer in Texas, here are some helpful articles about how not to die in the heat!

Tips for proper hydration:  Click here. 

Tips on surviving the humidity (does not include tips for fluffy hair, #sosorry):  Check out this article.

Volunteer Opportunities!

CRC is volunteer-run and our new season is just around the sweaty corner!   Start thinking of how you may like to give back.

Here are a few areas with an opportunity to participate!
  • Hydration Duty
  • Committees
  • VolunCHEERS for races
  • Assistant Coaching
  • Social Events
  • and more!

Help with Hydration!
Volunteers are no longer needed for this season, but consider signing up for next year!   This is one of the easiest ways to contribute!

It's no financial commitment and easy as can be!  Danielle Robbins will get with you the week before and give you our easy instructions.

As a "thank you" for preparing & bringing hydration, you'll be entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card.  AND, our amazing sponsor, Jimmy John’s, is giving out a $10 credit to each volunteer!

If you've joined CRC after being involved in another club, you've probably noticed that we give a TON for your membership fees (#ourgoodiebagisbetterthantheirgoodiebag).

Much of this is possible because of the AMAZING businesses that choose to sponsor us year after year!

Want to learn more?  Check out ANY of our sponsors by clicking on their logos at the end of this email! 

We'll be highlighting each ones next year when season restarts!


  • If meeting in a group, meet on the sidewalk or grassy areas
  • Run on the left side of the road going toward traffic.
  • Run illuminated!!! Wear your blinkies!
  • When in doubt, assume the cars can't see you! 
  • Runners in groups should immediately run single-file to the far left and try not to run more than 2 abreast on the trails
  • Use sidewalks when roads are busy!
  • Make sure to hydrate properly - even in cooler temps!
  • Do not leave your vehicle if you are the first to arrive to the run and keep your headlights on until you're ready to leave!
  • Be aware of your fellow CRCers when driving through the parking lot and on the roads in Coles & Longwood
  • Run without earbuds or keep the music level low enough to be aware of your surroundings
  • Please do NOT park in fire lanes or in front of dumpsters!
Upcoming Events

**CRC Annual Membership Meeting**
May 21st, 3 - 5

CRC Registration Opens
May 21st!

2017-2018 Season Packet Pickup
August 25 - 26
PRs & New Distances

Shabana Bingham - 1st in AG
Barbara Glenn PR (1 min)
Jessica Harrison PR 25:34, 3rd in AG
Codi Jo Davis - PR 23:44
Crystal Lester - PR 30:17
Claudia Lott - 2nd in AG
Stan McLeod - PR 19:21, 1st Grand Master
Paul Oldenberg - PR 18:01, 1st overall!
Richa Shukla - PR (7min)
Trish Smith - PR, 1st in AG

Gayle Carlisle - 3rd in AG
Mike Hoefer - PR 49:41
Letty Joyce - PR 59:21
Martin Lockyer - PR 47:37
Margaret Parades - PR 1:07
Mary Robles - PR (5 min)
Sue Sebo - 51:07, 1st Grand Master

Half Marathon
Tyler Blackburn - 2nd overall
*Fabi de Santiago 2:00:33
Codi Jo Davis - PR 1:58

*Nora Diaz
Angie Duncan - PR 2:15:33 (8 min)
Debbie Forero - PR (3min)
Matt Kuper - PR 1:40:03
*Laksh Mi - 2:34
*Katie Miller
Gary Ramsey - 2nd in AG
Mary Robles - PR 2:06
Kathleen Sirois - 3rd in AG
Jeanie Stahl - 3rd in AG
Cody Thompson - PR 2:07:20
James Woodring - PR 1:33:21, 2nd in AG
York Zhang - PR 1:55:52

Ultra & Trail
*25k - Randy Reames 
25k - Marshall McArthur - 1st in AG, 2:37
*50k - Sarah Honaker
*50k - Jennifer Laughlin - 5:00
50k - Emily Rials - PR
50k - Charlie Fisher - PR 5:06:17
*50mi - Maria Reed
*50mi - Anna Silva 11:11:21
50mi - Philip Swift - PR 9:49

Triathlon & Duathlon
70.3 - Harry Sharkis - PR 6:14:09 (91 min!)
*140.6 - Brandi Gomez - YOU ARE AN IRONMAN
*140.6 - Sarah Haeberle - YOU ARE AN IRONMAN (10:59:11)
*140.6 - Jennifer Johnson - YOU ARE AN IRONMAN
140.6 - Scott McMichael - PR (30 min)
140.6 - Trisha Turner - PR 

Stage of Life / Special PR
First 10k on Titanium - Cheyenne Meyer

**First time at that distance
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