Cypress Running Club - May 2019 Newsletter


Mark your calendar!

CRC Annual Meeting!

Next season OFFICIALLY starts June 1st, but our kickoff meeting is almost here!

Come join us to learn about what we have in store!  You'll meet board members if you haven't yet, check out our financial status, see the new goodie bag items and the new SHIRTS AND GEAR for next year! 

11 Below Brewery
6820 Bourgeouis Rd
Houston, TX 77066

Sunday, May 19th

Hope to see you there!!!

In the meantime, we'll keep you updated on upcoming races and a TON of us will still be out running every Saturday (and most other days of the week in one form or another)!

Just remember, that as the warmer months come upon us, hydration will not always be available so plan your hydration and runs accordingly!

Also as the training plans wind down, our normal organized crowds on Saturday won't be as big, so make sure to post in the weekly event to see who is running what, how fast, and when!
Summer Runnin'

Whether it's your first summer with CRC or your 5th, here are a few things to remember now that season is over:
Run Schedules
As the training plans wind down, our normal organized crowds on Saturday won't be as big, so check our events tab and the Facebook feed to see which coaches have organized runs.

If you don't see something organized, it's easy to find a running buddy!  Just post your distance goal, pace, when and where you're aiming to meet and make a plan!  

Please make sure to keep all your normal standards of safety in mind when you do so!  Though we typically have a good crowd on Saturday mornings, make sure to park somewhere well-lit or well populated!

Hydration & Running in the Heat
In case you haven't noticed, we happen to reside in the "hot enough to fry an egg in mid air" portion of the US. 

For those of you new to training in the summer OR those of you who somehow blocked out what it was like to train in the summer in Texas, here are some helpful articles about how not to die in the heat!

Tips for proper hydration:  Click here. 

Tips on surviving the humidity (does not include tips for fluffy hair, #sosorry):  Check out this article.

Thank You for Your Service!
A HUGE thank you to some of the phenomenal volunteers who have served this year as coaches and board members!

No More Excuses 5k: Jeneen Garr and Carla Jo Reid
Walking Group: Bonnie Egbert and Michelle Peting
Mileage Builders: Nyria Gallardo, Pat Perez, Theresa Castillo 
Foundation Group: 
Tim Collier and Letty Joyce
Progression Group: Johanna Abad, TC Lozano
Advanced Group: Jennifer Laughlin and Rick "The Rock" Posada 
Trail Running Group:
Craig Pickett and Mark Shah
Track Coaches: Cherie Lynch and Eric Pearson

Next year we'll have some new faces on the coaching staff!  Interested in coaching? Talk to a coach or a board member today!

Board Members
President: Tara Wright
VP: Amanda McNeil
Treasurer: Letty Joyce
Secretary: Heather Lininger

Committee Leads
Sponsorship: Jay Garza
Social Events: Nyria Gallardo 
Saturday Training Support:
Danielle Robbins
Technology: Patrick Gomez
Race & Event Support: Kim Bowden
Newsletter: Andrea Alford
Goodies: Claire Guppy

Next year we'll have some new faces on the board and we currently have two openings!  Interested in giving back to the BEST RUNNING CLUB EVAR? Talk to a a board member today!
Upcoming Dates
CRC Annual Meeting
at 11Below

May 19

Meet 2019-20 Coaches
July 13

2019-20 Offficial Season begins
July 20

2019-20 Season Packet Pickup
August 23 
Special Alert!
Training is gearing up and so is morning traffic.

PLEASE remember to continue wearing your safety gear INCLUDING LIGHTS when running early mornings or at night. 

Share the road!

In addition to your blinkies, please run single file OR on the sidewalk when on high traffic roads.  

PRs, Podium, & New Distances

Chris Lin PR 31:41
**Lysee Lin 31:40
**Stac Winter's Little Man 29:44
Rodrigo Zuniga 1st AG 19:34
Team More Hands 1st place team

Ron Luther 2nd AG

**Karen Ellis 55:07
Gloria Osuna PR 55:36, AG
Trish Smith PR 50:40

15K Trail-Team C4
Jay Abad 3rd AG
Kathleen Sirois 1st AG
Carolyn Rospierski 1st AG
Charity Bell  2nd AG

10 miles (TX 10)
Jill Robey 1st AG

Half Marathon 13.1
Amanda Keely PR 2:25:28
**LaRonda Jackson 3:03:33
Letty Joyce 2nd AG 2:02:57
Karen Faber 1st Grandmaster
Natalie Engle PR 2:36
Tuongvi Cao PR 1:54:34
Becky Nesbitt 1st Masters
Maricela Conejo PR 2:18:04
Ellen Combrink PR 1:55:11
**Jennifer Rollins 2:18:04
Judy  Ayoub 2nd AG, PR
Mike Hoefer 2nd AG
Kathleen Sirois 1st AG
Jill Robey 1st AG, PR 1:50
Micheal Stone PR 2:35:02

25k (15.5 miles)
**Mary Black 

Brazos Bend Ultra 
**Paul Blutt (50 miles)
**Mary Robles (50k)
**Angie Duncan (50k)
**Tuongvi Cao (5:46:18 50k)

**Lindsey Wilson
Stac Winter

Amanda McNeils' sweet clan ran their first family race- all 4 made podium!!!

Sarah Honaker ran 100K with a stomach bug!!! #noexcuses 

Isacc Fox walked 80 miles from Katy to Surfside Beach in 2 days!!! 

Congrats to TIR runners!
Congrats to IRONMAN finishers!
Congrats to all our Boston Runners!

*First time at that distance

Whoops, did we miss you?
PM Andrea Alford to be sure you're in the next newsletter.

Race Discounts
Member's Only
Volunteer Opportunities!

Our board is gearing up for another year of service!   If you would have interest in serving on committees directly impacting CRC members, please reach out to a friendly board member to let them know how you'd like to help!

We'd love some assistance with goodies, voluncheers and even working with the Sponsors!  Want to hear more?  Reach out to, fill out your volunteer areas of interest when you register next month OR reach out to a board member!

We are currently seeking new board members for:
Social Events Chair
Newsletter Chair

We also are looking for volunteers who can help in other areas including:
Help with Hydration!

Volunteers are no longer needed for this season, but consider signing up for next year!  This is one of the easiest ways to contribute!

It's no financial commitment and easy as can be!  Danielle Robbins will get with you the week before and give you our easy instructions.

As a "thank you" for preparing & bringing hydration, you'll be entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card.  AND, our amazing sponsor, Jimmy John’s, is giving out a $10 credit to each volunteer!

To be part of the cheer squad, get in touch with Kim Bowden or watch the Facebook feed for details!

Interested in helping in other areas?
  • Like helping for social events or on Fun Finish days? 
  • Enjoy interacting with Sponsors?  Rudy Capelo is your guy!
  • Want to be a part of the swag bag experience next year?  Let a board member know!
  • Thinking of coaching?  Reach out to any of your friendly coaches to talk to them about next season!

RUNNERS: Safety Reminders!

  • Recently the number of BREAK-INS has increased around Houston - if you are running, please lock your car, hide your gear, and don't bring valuables. Break-ins have been especially high in the downtown and Buffalo bayou areas. Groups taking field trips this summer should think carefully about where they park and think of safe ways to store valuables!
  • If meeting in a group, meet on the sidewalk or grassy areas
  • Run on the left side of the road going toward traffic.
  • Run illuminated!!! Wear lights, bright colors and always carry I.D.!
  • When in doubt, assume the cars can't see you! 
  • Runners in groups should immediately run single-file to the far left and try not to run more than 2 abreast on the trails
  • Use sidewalks when roads are busy!
  • Make sure to hydrate properly - even in cooler temps, but ESPECIALLY in our Houston Humidity!
  • Do not leave your vehicle if you are the first to arrive to the run and keep your headlights on until you're ready to leave!
  • Be aware of your fellow CRCers when driving through the parking lot and on the roads in Coles & Longwood
  • Run without earbuds or keep the music level low enough to be aware of your surroundings
  • Please do NOT park in fire lanes or in front of dumpsters!

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We are a non-profit team of runners and walkers who run and walk in honor of Cypress area blood cancer fighters and survivors, while raising money and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Our teams participate in Team in Training and Light the Night events for LLS. Learn more in their Facebook group HERE!
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