Cypress Running Club - March Newsletter


Spring is Here!!!!

So what's next?  The Vintage Half Marathon and the Blue Bell 5k and 10k are coming up!

After that, our 'official' training plans may be drawing to a close for the 2017-2018 season, but the fun isn't over! 

We'll keep you up to date on upcoming races and a TON of us will still be out running every Saturday (and most other days of the week in one form or another)!

Just remember, that as the warmer months come upon us, hydration will not always be available.  The last scheduled date is coming up, so plan your hydration and runs accordingly!

Also as the training plans wind down, our normal organized crowds on Saturday won't be as big, so make sure to post in the weekly event to see who is running what, how fast, and when!
Volunteer Opportunities!

Season is here, and we need YOUR HELP!
Here are a few areas with an opportunity to participate!
  • Hydration Duty
  • Committees
  • VolunCHEERS for races
  • Assistant Coaching
  • Social Events
  • and more!
Thinking of being more involved in CRC?
Our board is gearing up for another year of service!   If you would have interest in serving on committees directly impacting CRC members, please reach out to a friendly board member to let them know how you'd like to help!

Cheering opportunities are open for the Vintage Half 4/9 and see our 5k group cross their first finish line in Brenham!   To be part of the cheer squad, get in touch with Kim Bowden or watch the Facebook feed for details!

Interested in helping in other areas?
  • Like helping for social events or on Fun Finish days?  Check with Nyria Gallardo about upcoming events!
  • Enjoy interacting with Sponsors?  Jaime "Jay" Garza is your guy!
  • Want to be a part of the swag bag experience next year?  Let a board member know!
  • Thinking of coaching?  Reach out to any of your friendly coaches to talk to them about next season!
Upcoming Events

NME5k - Graduation!
Blue Bell Fun Run
April 14th 

CRC's Annual Meeting
May 20th

Goodie Bag Pickup
August 24th
Special Alert!

Training may not be as intense for some, but traffic remains the same.

PLEASE remember to continue wearing your safety gear INCLUDING LIGHTS when running early mornings or at night. 

Share the road!

In addition to your blinkies, please run single file OR on the sidewalk when on high traffic roads.  

We're getting reports of groups runing several abreast on the streets.
PRs & New Distances

Toni Hoek - PR, 2nd in AG

Half Marathon

Jackie Bledsoe - 2:10
Lilian Gaertner - PR -8:37!
**Katy Twomey - 2:15
Rudy - 1:52

Mike Hoefer - 1st in AG


Guilherme Ce - 3:36

Tri and Du
Houston Law - 2nd in AG - Polar Bear Du

Stage of Life / Special PR

**First time at that distance

Uh - oh! Did we miss it? 
If you don't see your PR or didn't get to post, add to the next brag time post OR PM Amanda Alford McNeil and it'll be added next month!
Race Discounts
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CRC Store
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Safety Reminders!
Image result for safety funny

  • If meeting in a group, meet on the sidewalk or grassy areas
  • Run on the left side of the road going toward traffic.
  • Run illuminated!!! Wear your blinkies!
  • When in doubt, assume the cars can't see you! 
  • Runners in groups should immediately run single-file to the far left and try not to run more than 2 abreast on the trails
  • Use sidewalks when roads are busy!
  • Make sure to hydrate properly - even in cooler temps!
  • Do not leave your vehicle if you are the first to arrive to the run and keep your headlights on until you're ready to leave!
  • Be aware of your fellow CRCers when driving through the parking lot and on the roads in Coles & Longwood
  • Run without earbuds or keep the music level low enough to be aware of your surroundings
  • Please do NOT park in fire lanes or in front of dumpsters!
Oops - Where are the Pics?

Due to the overwhelmingly POSITIVE interaction in our Facebook group, it has become nearly impossible to capture all the incredible faces and images you guys share each month.

After several years, we are retiring our "CRC Out and About" pictures section in our newsletter, but please don't stop sharing! 

Seeing so many smiling (and hurting - yes, we saw that pic from mile 12) faces makes friends out of acquaintances - keep snapping, sharing and building those friendships!!!

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