Training Programs Summary

About CRC training plans

Members of Cypress Running Club typically compete in several races each year. Members are not required to register for any training plan, and there are no limitations on the number of training plans members can participate in during the season. CRC training plans were designed by our certified coaches.

Before getting started with any plan

CRC’s top priority is that you have an injury free running season. We will achieve this objective working together in your training once you have set a realistic goal. In CRC, we urge runners to follow a “next logical step in your development” rule. If you have never run a race, then start with a 5k training plan. If the longest race you have run is a 5k, consider that a half-marathon is ten miles longer, so you might want to run a 5-mile or 10k race, then include a 10-mile race as part of half-marathon training. Those who begin their training with only a full marathon in mind are especially at risk of developing TMTS Syndrome (Too Much Too Soon), a leading cause of injury.

Selecting a Running Group / Training Plan

We have structured our training plans around the common goals that our members share. You can find below the different training groups we have, their common goals and suggested training plans. If you are not sure what group / training plan you should follow, our coaches will advise you on this decision!!

Group Common Goals Training Program
No More Excuses 5K
  • New to running
  • Want to get into an active lifestyle
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Walking Group
  • Love to walk
  • Not able to run
  • Feel intimidated to start a running program, but want to exercise
  • Are recovering from injury
  • Haven’t exercised in a long time and want to start moving again!
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Mileage Builder Group
  • Novice / Recreational runner: 5-10 miles per week
  • Want to finish half / full marathon
  • Speed isn’t important and don’t want to do speed workouts
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Foundation Group
  • Recreational runner: 10-25 miles per week
  • Want to finish half / full marathon
  • Want to begin focusing on improving speed through speed work
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Progression Group
  • Experienced runner: +3 marathons in last 3 years +25 miles per week
  • Want to get below 4 hours on full marathon
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Advanced Group
  • Experienced runner: +3 marathons in last 3 years +25 miles per week
  • Pace: 8:30 miles or less
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