Progression Group

Welcome to the Progression Group! The Progression Group training plans cover distances from 10-milers through full marathons. This group is designed for:

  • Experienced runner: 3+ marathons in last 3 years, 25+ miles per week
  • Want to get sub 4-hours on a full marathon

The Progression Group will target the Aramco Half Marathon and the Chevron Houston Marathon with a target pace range of 8:15/mile and 9:30/mile. The Progression training plan is designed for experienced runners who have complete three or more marathons. Before beginning a CRC foundation training program, you should prepare your body by running three times per week, for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. By the first week of a training program, your longest run of the week should be at least 6 miles for the marathon and half-marathon program.

The Progression Group training plan consists of four runs per week:

  • One recovery run.
  • Two mid-week workouts that are recommended to be done at the scheduled sessions with a CRC Coach.
  • One Saturday Long Run with the Progression Group (weather permitting). These runs are performed at a conversational pace for a specified distance.

Midweek Workouts

For the two mid-week workouts, the type of workout will change every 3-4 weeks to add variety and to develop different aspects of your running fitness. Some examples of these types of workouts include: Fartlek’s (speed-play), Tempo Runs, and Intervals.

Long Run

Saturday morning group runs of 4, 6, 8, and 10 miles take place all Summer. Additional distances will be added to the schedule once official training programs kick off.

Weekly training plans are also posted in the CRC Facebook Group under the events tab. If you have a different target race than what is listed below, please reach out to a coach for guidance. 

Target races

Race Name Plan
Chevron Marathon See Plan

David Muller


Progression Coach Bio – David Muller

I started running as a New Year’s resolution Jan. 1, 1977. My first marathon was the First Annual Saginaw Bay Marathon May 6, 1978. I keep running because I enjoy it.

I joined CRC in 2014, began coaching with the progression group in 2016, and became a RRCA certified coach in 2020.

This year I have entered the Fort Worth, Houston, and Woodlands marathons in what may be a final desperate attempt to qualify for Boston. I am a believer in tempo runs, cross training, and long slow distance running with up to 80% of your mileage slower than your goal marathon pace.

The main purpose of our Saturday morning runs is to get to know and to encourage each other.

As of this moment I don’t have an assistant coach. I will be on the West Coast on Meet the Coaches Day. Zubair will sub for me.