No More Excuses 5K Group

Welcome to the No More Excuses 5K Group! The NME 5K group is great for those that:

  • Are new to running
  • Want to get into an active lifestyle

The No More Excuses 5K training plan will have two training plans per year – one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Each training program lasts for 11 weeks and culminates with a graduation 5K.

The training group will meet every Saturday morning at 7:00am. Along with your Saturday training, you will also need to complete the other scheduled workouts during the week to help you achieve your goals.

Target races

Race Name Plan
Cypress 5K See Plan
Vintage Park 5K See Plan


Head Coach

I joined CRC in 2019 and fully ran my first 5K that November. I previously attempted a few self-led Couch-to-5K programs, but never could quite push through to the end until I had the support of my CRC 5K group.

Since joining, I have completed several seasons of the CRC 5K training program, which has helped me incorporate running as a part of my life. This became especially important during quarantine, when I committed to run monthly virtual 5K races to stay active (and sane).

Whether your goal is to start running, get back into running, or even just to get some cardio in with a great group of people, join us Saturday mornings as we train for your first (or next) 5K!!



Asst Coach

I joined CRC about 6 years ago.  With all the training and support I have had during that time, I was able to run several 13.1 (1/2 marathon), 10K, and 5K.  During all that training I have made friends whom we have shared a few stories while we ran those miles and had a blast doing it!   Rain or shine I was always able to keep on going with such a great support team. Now I hope to help keep that support going this season and many more to come. When not running I love to watch movies and enjoy time at the beach. I am a new empty nester so my new middle name is “R&R”.  That’s me.  So come and join our 5K group and experience the fun and meeting new folks.   It will be a season to remember!