Mileage Builder Group 

Welcome to the Mileage Builder Group! The Mileage Builder Group is designed for:

  • A novice/recreational runner: 5-10 miles per week
  • Want to finish a half or full marathon
  • Speed isn’t important and don’t want to do speed workouts

The Mileage Builder Group training plan will target the Aramco Half Marathon and the Chevron Houston Marathon and has a targeted pace range of 11:30/mile and 13:45/mile. This pace range will allow those running a full or half marathon to beat a six-hour cut-off and a three-hour cut-off respectively. The goal of the Mileage Builder Group is to help the novice/recreational runner improve their endurance so they are able to successfully complete their targeted race safely and injury free.

The training group will meet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5:00am. Weekly meetings are optional, but the workouts should still be completed to help you achieve your goals. Weekly training plans are also posted in the CRC Facebook Group under the Events tab. If you have a different target race than what is listed below, please reach out to a coach for guidance. 

Target races

Race Name Plan
Cypress Half Marathon See Plan
Aramco Half Marathon See Plan
Chevron Marathon See Plan
Christy Brewer

Christy Brewer

Head Coach

Mileage Builder Coaches

Christy Brewer

Running found me in 2017 after battling critical illness. I had no idea where it would take me and who I would become. In the beginning, I would run on my own 4-5 times a week and had no idea just what being a part of a “running club” really meant or what it would do to up my game. In 2018, upon returning to Cypress, TX, I joined Cypress Running Club. I had no idea what to expect but who else was going to listen to me go on for hours about running or understand why I was always hungry??? I love to run, talk about running, hang out with other runners, learn everything I can about running, and eat tacos. I had no idea that finding a club like CRC would be perfect! Not only did joining Cypress Running Club help me improve as an athlete but the friendships I have built are irreplaceable.

Over the last 5 years, I have completed mileage, and races, I NEVER thought possible for myself. I have proudly become an Ultramarathoner! Most importantly, I have learned an abundance about myself through running, to include the passion I have for helping others achieve and exceed their own running goals. The encouragement, the accountability, the laughter, and the hustle; running has shown me that the only limits that exist are those we create for ourselves.

In 2021, I had the opportunity to become an Asst. Coach for the Mileage Builders. Right away, I worked to obtain my RRCA Level I coaching certificate and am eagerly working on my Level II certification. I am fueled by knowing more about running. I believe that running begins with a good pair of shoes and understanding your “why.” Once you have that in place, you just need to stay humble and hustle hard. I am excited for each new season; to see returning CRC pals and meet new runners. Every runner on a different journey but all of us coming together, having a great time. I look forward to being here to support the Mileage Builders in another amazing year.

Assistant Coaches

Mileage Builders has a great crew of Assistant Coaches this year, too!

Asst. Coach Barbara has been with CRC for 7 tech shirts….er, um seasons and has been an Asst. Coach since 2021. She is a pillar of the Mileage Builders community and an inspiration to all who meet her. She can out speed walk all of us and holds a plank like no one’s business. Active 6 days a week, AC Barbara loves to keep moving and help others do the same. She is the Coles Crossing route expert so if you have questions about how to construct a course for a certain mileage, she is your gal!

Asst. Coach Ricardo has been with CRC for 4 seasons and an AC since 2021. He is working on his RRCA Level 1 Coaching certification and loves to encourage a friendly plank or squat challenge amongst run pals. He is knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging. He has the perfect way of making you feel safe but also inspiring you to get out there and crush your goals.

Asst. Coach Shirley has been with CRC on and off for years. She originally started in 2014 with the Couch to 5K Group and then graduated from the Mileage Builders up to Foundations Group. After breaking up with running for a minute, she has been back at it for the last year as she decided to put in the commitment and her relationship has been going strong. Her dedication, consistency, and positive attitude are just a few reasons why we adore her and are so excited to have her join us as an AC this year.