Advanced Group

Welcome to the Advanced Group! This group is designed for:

  • Experienced runner: 3+ marathons in last 3 years, 25+ miles per week
  • Pace: 8:30/mile or faster

The Advanced Group will target the Chevron Houston Marathon with a target pace range of 8:30/mile or faster. The Advanced training plan is designed for experienced runners and is only for full marathons because of the unique training requirements of racing longer than 20 miles. The training plan is designed to peak at the Chevron Houston Marathon target race. If you plan to run more than one marathon during the season, we suggest allowing at least 12 weeks between races in order to recover and prepare for the second race.

Target races

Race Name Plan
Chevron Marathon See Plan

Advanced Program Resources

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Katherine Jordan

Katherine Jordan


Bio for Katherine Jordan (Advanced Head Coach):
What’s up?! I am Kat Jordan and I have been with CRC since 2018. I am a coffee-addict, a chips and queso connoisseur and a dedicated marathon runner. I grew up thinking I could never be a runner and when I started running ten years ago, I was told I would never be any good at it. If there is anything you need to know about me, it’s that if you tell me I can’t – I will prove to you that I can. I have raced all of the popular distances from 5k to 50k, but my preferred distance is the marathon. I have run the Boston Marathon and one of my goals is to earn the Six Star medal by completing all of the majors. I consider myself to be a pretty humble person, so this is probably the most boasting you will ever get out of me. When I’m not running, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, listening to live music and eating great food. If you ever run with me, you’ll soon find out that food is one of my favorite topics to talk about. I am happily married to my best friend AJ, who got me into running and we have a big goofy Doberman named Shiner together.

Karen Ellis

Karen Ellis

Asst Coach

Bio for Karen Ellis (Advanced Assistant Coach):
Hi! I am Karen Ellis and I joined CRC in 2019 at the start of my adult running journey after spending a few months getting in shape on a treadmill for a 5k. I spent my first year in CRC training for half marathons in Foundation group, a little bit in Progression group and then got adopted into Advanced group and the Wolfpack at the start of the pandemic. My journey has gone from “I am not a distance runner; I have bad knees” to running all the distances from 5ks to hopefully my first 100 miler next fall. Oh, and my knees have been proven to be fabulous by Methodist. I have been inspired by so many in CRC on the roads and the trails. Sometimes you just need a little confidence booster from others to push you out of your comfort zone to reach a new potential. I enjoy both road and trail running and am also recently dabbling in short triathlon as well. Strength training is important to me as well as cardio cross training for injury prevention. I live in Cypress with my husband Paul (who I will someday get to run a race), my daughters Claire and Molly (that do love track but think distance running is dumb) and my chiweenie dog Vinny.