No More Excuses 5K Group Training Plan – Cypress 5K

Weeks To GoDatesMondayWednesdaySaturday
128/24-8/3010w, 8(1.5r, 1.5w), 5w
118/31-9/610w, 8(1.5r, 1.5w), 5w10w, 8(1.5r, 1.5w), 5w10w, 7(2r, 1w), 5w
109/7-9/1310w, 7(2r, 1w), 5w10w, 7(2r, 1w), 5w10w, 4(2r, 1w, 3r, 1w), 5w
99/14-9/2010w, 4(2r, 1w, 3r, 1w), 5w10w, 4(2r, 1w, 3r, 1w), 5w10w, 5(4r, 1w), 5w
89/21-9/2710w, 5(4r, 1w), 5w10w, 5(4r, 1w), 5w10w, 4(5r, 1w), 5w
79/28-10/410w, 4(5r, 1w), 5w10w, 4(5r, 1w), 5w5w, 2(5r, 1w, 7r, 1.5w), 5w
610/5-10/115w, 2(5r, 1w, 7r, 1.5w), 5w5w, 2(5r, 1w, 7r, 1.5w), 5w5w, 3(8r, 1.5w), 5w
510/12-10/185w, 3(8.5r, 1.5w), 5w5w, 3(9r, 1.5w), 5w5w, 3(10r, 1w), 5w
410/19-10/255w, 13r, 2w, 12r, 5w5w, 15r, 2w, 12r, 5w5w, 18r, 2w, 10r, 5w
310/26-11/15w, 20r, 2w, 10r, 5w5w, 22r, 5w5w, 25r, 5w
211/2-11/85w, 28r, 5w5w, 30r, 5w5w, 30r, 5w
111/9-11/155w, 25r, 5w5w, 18, 5wRace Day!


How to read the workouts

The numbers refer to the number of minutes performing an exercise, and the “r” or “w” refers to running or walking, respectively. A number immediately preceding parentheses indicates the number of repetitions for the exercises listed inside the parentheses. For example, in the first week, runners will perform the following workout:

10w, 8(1.5r, 1.5w), 5w

The runner should interpret this program as follows:

Walk for 10 minutes to get warmed up

Run for 1.5 minutes, followed by a 1.5 minute walk; repeat this seven more times; total running time=12 min

Walk for 5 minutes to cool down


It is important to spend one or two days during the week getting exercise other than running, such as swimming, cycling, or using an elliptical trainer or weights.

In weeks 1-3, cross-train once per week for 30 minutes.

In weeks 4-5, cross-train once per week for 45 minutes.

In weeks 6-10, cross-train twice per week – once for 30 minutes and once for 45 minutes.

In week 11, cross-train once.