Walking Group

Cypress Running Club added a Walking Training Group in the 2016-17 Season! Hopefully you are ready to walk your way to the finish line!

The walking group will be great for those that:

  • Love to walk
  • Are not able to run
  • Feel intimidated to start a running program, but want to exercise
  • Are recovering from injury
  • Haven’t exercised in a long time and want to start moving again!

The Walking Group training plan will target the Aramco Half Marathon. With that said, that doesn’t mean that you have to do that race to participate in the Walking Group. You are welcome to choose a different race and/or distance, but you can still train with the group. The official training plan is 15 weeks long, beginning in early October. To build endurance, the group will start meeting up in early August. As goes with running and walking, first comes endurance (time on your feet) then comes speed.

The training group will meet every Saturday morning for the longer walking distance of the week. Along with our Saturday training, you will also need to complete the other scheduled workouts during the week to help you achieve your goals.

Race Name Date Plan
Aramco Half Marathon Jan 17, 2021 See Plan
Bonnie Egbert

Bonnie Egbert


I love running!! I have run 24 full marathons which include the Houston Marathon 13 years in a consecutive streak, the NYC Marathon twice, Austin Marathon twice, Dallas White Rock N Roll Marathon and the Inaugural OKC Marathon and repeated that for a total of 3 times.  I’ve run the Hood to Coast Relay twice, 197 miles from Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean. My team Heart & Sole was one of 4 teams profiled in the documentary, “Hood To Coast the Movie.” In addition, I’ve run literally a hundred races of distances from 5K to 1/2 marathons.  Sadly I’ve had 6 knee surgeries between 2010 and 2015.  I’ve had my right knee totally replaced 3 times.  So now I walk…I’ve missed so much the camaraderie of a running club and I am so happy to have the opportunity to lead The CRC Bonnie Walkers.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, I have two fantastic grown children, and two rescue dogs.  I’ve worked for Fleet Feet Sports since 1999 but not always full-time because I was busy working for the Cy-Fair School District for 26 years too.  For over 5 years now, I’ve been at the Louetta location of Fleet Feet Sports and the manager of the store for 2 years.  I feel that will all of my running experience and experience with Fleet Feet over the years, I have a lot to share with those just getting started and welcome the opportunity.