Progression Training Plan

The Progression Marathon and Half-Marathon Training Plans cover distances from 10-milers through full marathons.  The Progression training plan is designed for runners who have not run a full or half marathon or are content with completing those race distances at a 8:30+ minute mile.  Before beginning a CRC Progression Training program, you should prepare your body by running three times per week, for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. By the first week of a training program, your longest run of the week should be at least 6 miles for the marathon & half-marathon program.

Race Name Date Plan
Chevron Marathon Jan 17, 2021 See Plan


All Progression training programs call for four runs per week:

  • One recovery run
  • Two mid-week workouts that we strongly recommend you do with CRC at scheduled sessions with coaches
  • One Saturday long run with the club (schedule permitting); these runs are performed at conversational pace for a specified distance.

Midweek Workouts

For the two mid-week workouts, the type of workout will change every 3-4 weeks to add variety and to develop different aspects of your running fitness. We begin with strides, then introduce fartleks (aka “speed-play”), Tempo runs and Intervals. Once runners have gained familiarity with strides and fartleks, they are encouraged to incorporate those into one of their other midweek runs.

Long Run

Saturday morning group runs of 4, 6, 8, and 10 miles take place all Summer. Additional distances will be added to the schedule once official training programs kick off. You can look at the calendar, the sidebar along the right side of this page, or on Facebook to see weekly scheduled runs.

Johanna Abad

Johanna Abad


My name is Johanna Abad. My passion for running filters through all aspects of my life. I am an original member of the founding CRC group. I have always volunteered as a board member and now as a coach for the last 3 years. I have been running leisurely since I was in high school. Since joining CRC I have ran countless races ranging from 5k to 50k distances and everything in between, on road and on trails. I have done six across TX state relays with fellow CRC members and even had the pleasure of pacing one of my best friends through his 100 mile quest. In my years of running, I have worked with many new runners to achieve their first marathon and have seen many of them all the way to the finish line.
My motto is #it’saboutmuchmore>running. I think it’s extremely important to create lifelong friendships and some of mine have been developed through the time spent out running. I think it’s about supporting and creating a lifestyle to inspire many others in reaching their goals. The Progression group emphasizes endurance running and mental toughness. I strive to show runners that they can challenge themselves. I’m looking forward to seeing you out there this fall. Happy running!