Mileage Builder Group 

Welcome to the Mileage Builder Group! The Mileage Builder Group is designed for:

  • A novice/recreational runner: 5-10 miles per week
  • Want to finish a half or full marathon
  • Speed isn’t important and don’t want to do speed workouts

The Mileage Builder Group training plan will target the Aramco Half Marathon and the Chevron Houston Marathon and has a targeted pace range of 11:30/mile and 13:45/mile. This pace range will allow those running a full or half marathon to beat a six-hour cut-off and a three-hour cut-off respectively. The goal of the Mileage Builder Group is to help the novice/recreational runner improve their endurance so they are able to successfully complete their targeted race safely and injury free.

The training group will meet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5:00am. Weekly meetings are optional, but the workouts should still be completed to help you achieve your goals. Weekly training plans are also posted in the CRC Facebook Group under the Events tab. If you have a different target race than what is listed below, please reach out to a coach for guidance. 

Target races

Race Name Plan
Cypress Half Marathon See Plan
Aramco Half Marathon See Plan
Chevron Marathon See Plan
Steve Sutphen

Steve Sutphen

Head Coach

Mileage Builder Head Coach Background and Training Approach

Steve Sutphen started running in 1991 and has completed 17 races at or beyond the marathon distance along with many, many shorter races. Through consistent running, he has lost 40 pounds and continues to work hard to keep the weight off.

As far as coaching experience, Steve has been coaching runners for 20 years and he completed his Level 2 certification through the Road Runners Club of America in 2017. Over the years, has coached hundreds of beginning runners through their first 5K or 10K race. With further guidance and training, many have continued to progress and completed a full marathon and a few have even moved up to finish ultra-distance races.

Typically, the primary goal for the first-time racer is simply to reach the finish line but for some, focusing on improving speed or increasing endurance becomes their eventual objective. His philosophy is that running is a particularly unique activity in that each individual can apply a wide range of “goals” to their effort. For example, if one wants to focus on competition, he or she can train to do so. If one wants to run to get fit or to lose weight, a plan can be developed to achieve this goal. If the runner doesn’t care about speed or endurance but instead enjoys the social aspect, that goal can be met though group fun runs within CRC, and of course running can also be used as a solitary meditative activity leading to a clear mind and reduced stress. In the end, collaboration and alignment between the runner and the coach is a critical element to the overall success and ultimately, the enjoyment achieved through participating in the sport. Whatever your running goal, CRC is an ideal support organization to help you meet it and your Mileage Builder coaches will be there for you every step of the way.