Aramco Half Marathon Training Plan

Based on Cypress Running Club: Walking - Half Marathon Training Plan
Weeks To GoDatesMondayWednesdayThursdaySaturday
169/25-10/14 miles
1510/2-10/83335 miles
1410/9-10/153336 miles
1310/16-10/223337 miles
1210/23-10/293347 miles
1110/30-11/53448 miles
1011/6-11/124448 miles
911/13-11/194449 miles
811/20-11/264449 miles
711/27-12/344410 miles
612/4-12/104448 miles
512/11-12/1744410 miles
412/18-12/2444412 miles
312/25-12/314446 miles
21/1-1/74335 miles
11/8-1/14333Race Day!


**Wednesday** Speed Work Day – pick up your pace – walk as fast as you can, do intervals, as easy as light pole to light pole or pick out any focal point then walk as fast as you can until you get to that focal point, then walk a normal pace until the next focal point where you pick it up again and walk as fast as you can. Alternating this for the 3 or 4 miles that we have on Wednesdays. Always warm up at your usual comfortable pace (don’t dive into fast first), then end with your usual comfortable pace. I call these ‘Light Pole Pick-ups’ we can practice these and also do other speed drills as well. Wednesdays give you plenty of time to recover from the long distance of Saturday and give you plenty of time to recover from Speed Work before the next Saturday.

*Saturday is mileage building day – long slower distance walk

*You may vary the days of the week to fit your schedule but generally speaking you should have at least two days of rest each week.