Woodlands Marathon Training Plan

Based on Cypress Running Club: Mileage Builder - Marathon Training Plan
Weeks To GoDatesTuesdayThursdaySaturday
249/23-9/294x400meters w/2 minute RI2 mile Tempo6 miles
239/30-10/62x1200 meters w/3 minute RI2 mile Tempo7 miles
2210/7-10/134x800 Meters w/2 minute RI2 mile Tempo8 miles
2110/14-10/202x1600 meters w/4 minute RI2 mile Tempo6 miles
2010/21-10/276x400meters w/2 minute RI2 mile Tempo8 miles
1910/28-11/33x1200 meters w/3 minute RI2 mile Tempo9 miles
1811/4-11/105x800 Meters w/2 minute RI2 mile Tempo10 miles
1711/11-11/173x1600 meters w/4 minute RI2 mile Tempo6 miles
1611/18-11/248x400meters w/90 second RI3 mile Tempo10 miles
1511/25-12/14x1200 meters w/2 minute RI3 mile Tempo12miles
1412/2-12/86x800 Meters w/90 second RI3 mile Tempo13 miles
1312/9-12/153x1600 meters w/3 minute RI3 mile Tempo10 miles
1212/16-12/2210x400meters w/90 second RI4 mile Tempo14 miles
1112/23-12/295x1200 meters w/2 minute RI4 mile Tempo15 miles
1012/30-1/57x800 Meters w/90 second RI4 mile Tempo17 miles
91/6-1/123x1600 meters w/3 minute RI4 mile Tempo13 miles
81/13-1/1912x400meters w/90 second RI5 mile Tempo18 miles
71/20-1/265x1200 meters w/90 second RI5 mile Tempo15 miles
61/27-2/28x800 Meters w/2 minute RI3 mile Tempo20 miles
52/3-2/93x1600 meters w/2 minute RI5 mile Tempo15 miles
42/10-2/1612x400meters w/1 minute RI3 mile Tempo20 miles
32/17-2/236x1200 meters w/2 minute RI5 mile Tempo15 miles
22/24-3/16x800 Meters w/2 minute RI4 mile Tempo8-10 miles
13/2-3/830 minutes easy40 minutes easyRACE DAY


Notes: Begin this plan only if you already have a 3-6 month running base of at least 4-6 miles per run.

If you are brand new to running, please review this (or any other) training plan and racing goals with your coaches.

Do not run on consecutive days. If you miss a run, shift all for that week or skip it.

Runs #1 and #2 are the same for both full and half marathon training.

For your long run, follow the plan for your goal race. If you will be doing (for example), the Cypress half as part of your Chevron Marathon training, use the marathon LR distances.

Intervals workouts are prescribed in terms of the number of repetitions and the distance (in miles or meters). One mile is roughly 1,600 meters, and a typical track is 400 meters long. A workout that states “4 x 1200” means that you run three laps (or ¾ of a mile) at an appropriately fast pace, recover, and repeat three more times.

The “recovery intervals” allow your heart rate and breathing to return to a reasonable level. Feel free to lengthen these if it helps you complete the work-out at your goal times.

If you are running with the group in Cole's Crossing, glow sticks will be placed as specific distances to help with your interval runs.

For Tempo runs, add a warm-up and cooldown to the planned distance. If a 3 mile Tempo is scheduled, a one mile warm-up, followed by the 3 mile tempo (continuous 3 mile run at tempo pace), then a one mile cooldown is appropriate. Total distance for that work-out would be five miles.

The “right” pace for the Tempo Runs and Intervals is the fastest pace that allows you to complete all repetitions in nearly the same time. If you find that your times are increasing as the workout progresses, then this indicates that you started too fast.

If you are not comfortable setting your own pace for the interval or tempo runs, your coaches will be happy to help you with this.

Lastly, recognize that training for a full or a half marathon is hard. That is why we strongly suggest that runners have at least a 3-6 month base built up before undertaking either of these race distance goals. Please work with your coaching staff if you have any questions, doubts or concerns.

Disclaimer: Consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any exercise program; information presented above is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. When you choose to follow this or any training plan, you do so entirely at your own risk.

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