Running Form Clinics This Week by Fleet Feet!!!

Fleet Feet and Newton Shoes will be conducting our third Running Form Clinic this Tuesday 7 PM at Coles Crossing Community Center!!

Why should you consider going?

This year we have invited several of our experienced sponsors to provide their insight on proper running form. Each of them specializes in a different aspect that impacts how you run. You will get the most benefit by attending to all of them as in running the different is in small details!!

Milestone Training Plan

Weeks to go: 10 to ” Houston Half Marathon & Relay”
Weeks to go: 17 to BCS Full

We start to work on your speed by introducing strides on the Tuesday run. Strides are 6-10 short bursts of swift running, up to 150 meters on the track (3/8 of a lap, starting at the apex of the turn or the middle of the straightaway) or .10 miles on the road. In the first 20-40 meters, accelerate from conversational pace to near-sprint pace, spend 40-80 meters at near-sprint, then decelerate back to conversational pace. Allow full recovery: strides are for working on your coordination, not anaerobic fitness.

Use the strides to improve your running form: check your cadence (count it , is it close to 180?), keep your arms relaxed and do not cross them, are you over-striding?

How do you structure your Tuesday workout?
Do 30-40 min at CP. Follow with 5 minutes of form drills  and start strides.

Progression Group Plan

You have done a number of races, you want to increase your speed but you are not up to the mileage of the Advanced Training Plan….Come and join Eric Pearson who will be leading a group of runners like you!!

Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Weeks to go: 17

This week only has 12 miles on Saturday and there is a reason for that, it is a recovery week!! The total mileage of the week is that same as last, but the shortest Saturday run will allow you to recover before starting the next mesocycle.
So, if you feel like running 16 miles, take a break and run 12, the best of the program is still ahead!!

Have a great week!!!

Your coaches