Running Form Clinics This Week by ProCare Chiropractic & Sport Therapy!!!

Jonathan R Gingell DC, ART will be conducting our second Running Form Clinic this Tuesday 7 PM at Coles Crossing Community Center!!

Why should you consider going?

This year we have invited several of our experienced sponsors to provide their insight on proper running form. Each of them specializes in a different aspect that impacts how you run. You will get the most benefit by attending to all of them as in running the different is in small details!!

Milestone Training Plan

Weeks to go: 11 to ” Houston Half Marathon & Relay”
Weeks to go: 18 to BCS Full

We keep it simple, keep building miles on your legs, have a good “conversation pace” with your fellow runners. If you go to the Running Form Clinic focus on your arm position and your stride. It will feel strange at the beginning, but remember that you are teaching your body to run differently

Progression Group Plan

You have done a number of races, you want to increase your speed but you are not up to the mileage of the Advanced Training Plan….Come and join Eric Pearson who will be leading a group of runners like you!!

Advanced Marathon Training Plan

Weeks to go: 18

We move to 4 days a week running, take it easy on Friday. As we start introducing tempo-style workout on Thursday, start playing with your marathon pace, there are several weeks for tuning  it, but you need to start working on getting your running mechanics right.

Have a great week!!!

Your coaches